Fudgies breakfast cocktails

Bloody Mary

Double vodka, port, Worcester sauce, lemon juice, Tabasco, celery salt, ground black pepper and tomato juice. Served mild, medium or hot.

Espresso Martini

Espresso, double vodka and Kahlua shaken over ice.

Fudgies breakfasts

The full Fudgie

Maple glazed dry-cured Suffolk smoked bacon, 100% pork Cumberland sausage, free range duck egg, Fudgies homemade beans, wild mushroom, grilled balsamic tomato, artisan sour dough toast.

Vegetarian full Fudgie

Vegetarian sausage, free range duck egg, wild mushrooms, grilled balsamic tomato, Fudgies homemade beans, sweet potato rosti, artisan sour dough toast.

Fudgies Eggs

Local artisan English muffin, 2 free range poached duck eggs, hollandaise

– with honey glazed ham and micro parsley 7.8
– with fresh spinach and micro parsley 7.4
– with smoked salmon, fresh lemon and red amaranth 8.4

Fudgies Eggs on toast

free range duck eggs, poached, fried or scrambled, served on artisan sour dough toast.

Fudgies Hash


The full English one

100% pork Cumberland Sausage, dry-cured Suffolk smoked bacon, potato, onion, free range duck egg, wild mushrooms, Sussex Charmer cheese.

The vegetarian one

Vegetarian sausage, potato, onion, crispy kale, spinach, carrot, onion, free range duck egg.

Fudgies Pancakes

Naughty pancakes with bacon and maple syrup stack 7.5
Even naughtier pancakes with forest fruit cream stack  8

If you have any food allergies then please speak to a member of staff who will be happy to help you

Fudgies Burgers

100% steak mince, roasted garlic mayo, tomato relish, iceberg lettuce and caramelised onions 10
Falafel burger, roasted garlic mayo, tomato relish, iceberg lettuce and caramelised onions 10
– add Goodweald smoked cheese 1
– add dry-cured smoked bacon

Fudgies Others

Fudgies Steak Melt

Steak n cheese baguette served with mushroom duxelles – cooked how you like it
– add dry-cured smoked bacon  1.8

Mac n Sussex Charmer cheese w Bacon

Does what is says on the tin! Finished with a crunchy herb and Parmesan crust.

Smashed peppered Avocado served on sour dough toast with duck egg

– add side of Scottish smoked salmon  2.5

Chilli bowl

Fudgies cumin and sun dried tomato chilli bowl served with buttered sourdough
– add nachos  1.5
– add guacamole  2.5

Cauliflower veloute

Hearty, creamy cauliflower soup finished with cream, truffle oil and parmesan shavings served with sourdough.


 from 2.5


Extra sausage/bacon (per item) 1.8
Homemade beans 2.5
Duck egg 1.5
Mushrooms/tomato (per item) 1.2
Sourdough toast or bread and butter 1.5
Homemade preserves .5
Skin-on chips (Add parmesan and truffle oil +2.5) 3.5
Whole avocado 2.5
Slaw 2
Onion rings 3.5
Seasonal veg selection 3.5
Seasonal dressed side-salad 2.5
Local artisan bread board with olive oil and balsamic dip Mug of Olives. 3.5
Green, black, chilli and garlic 2.5

Sunday roast